The nutritional power of hemp is as beneficial to animals as it is to humans. Hemp can be included in the feed of farm animals, pets, birds and fish.


Hemp is fed to animals in the forms of whole seed, seed meal, pellets and oil. Ruminants can be fed the flower and leaf. Birds recognize the nourishing benefits of hemp seeds, as any hemp farmer can vouch for. Fowl fed on hemp seed produce healthy fowl and omega rich eggs. Hemp fed to cattle can increase milk yield and aid digestion and help keep cattle calm. Making for all round healthier cattle. Horses also benefit from having hempseed in their diet.


Like humans all animals have an Endocannabinoid System which taking CBD benefits. Many scientific studies have proven the benefits of CBD on animals. Such as helping with anxiety and stress, pain relief, inflammation, arthritis and digestion issues to name just a few.

Animal bedding

The woody inner core of the stem of the hemp plant called hemp shiv is used as a highly absorbent bedding for horses, chickens and small domestic animals such as rabbits, hamsters etc. Some of the advantages of using hemp shiv as a bedding for animals are having little dust, insulating, comfortable, high absorbency and odour retention.

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