Hemp Cooperative Ireland is a registered Cooperative with the aim of creating an infrastructure for farmers and local businesses to develop the hemp industry in Ireland. Hemp Cooperative Ireland will support farmers to access resources, equipment, and markets through a national body and local hubs.

Our Mission

To establish an infrastructure for the growth and development of the industrial hemp industry in Ireland at local and national level.


  1. Educating the farming community and the general public about the benefits of the industry.
  2. Developing a community of farmers and businesses to assist in the growth of all aspects of the industry.
  3. Liaising with local and national authorities to ensure that hemp farmers and business owners are aware of and adhering to legislation and standards.
  4. Creating 100% Irish grown markets from seed to shop.

Become A Member

€100 per year

Becoming a member of the Hemp Cooperative of Ireland means you are joining the largest members organisation dedicated to the development of the Hemp Industry in Ireland. Membership provides a numbers of benefits including access to technical and agronomy advice.

Become A Member