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FSAI will present at the Hemp Cooperative AGM.

The Hemp Cooperative of Ireland will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 7th of March in Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick at 1pm. 

The Hemp Cooperative was registered as a cooperative in 2018 by a board of 7 members dedicated to the development of the Hemp Industry in Ireland. The work of the Cooperative has been recognised under the  European Liaison project and the Chair of the Cooperative Kate Carmody has been named as the Irish Rural Innovation Ambassador

The Hemp Cooperative is the largest representative body in the Irish Hemp Industry with over 150 members.The AGM is an opportunity to highlight to the members the work that has been undertaken by the Cooperative on the different aspects of the industry’s development throughout the year from a regulatory, economic and agronomy standpoint.

 In the wake of the recent Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) survey Survey- Regulatory issues with Hemp based food and food supplements. The board felt it was important for our members to have a clear understanding of the implications of the report and the importance of compliant food labeling on our hemp food products. It is important our membership have the tools to ensure accurate testing throughout the hemp value chain. 

Dr Pat O’Mahony, Chief Specialist Food Science and Technology of the FSAI will present a summary of the results of the recent survey of hemp based products on the Irish market. It will highlight the problems found in relation to the content of CBD THC, unauthorized novel food, food supplement notification and varies claims. The EU and Irish legislation governing hemp based foods on the EU market will be explained

Dr Lena Madden from Limerick Institute of Technology will also present a breakdown of the report and how it will impact the requirement for accurate testing for compliant food labeling. Dr Madden and her team have been working with the Cooperative to provide accurate testing at all stages of the hemp value chain as well as research in the area of improved cultivation techniques.

Our intention is to provide the membership with clear, actionable information in the development of their hemp food products.

Dr O’Mahony’s presence at the Cooperative AGM is an indication of the FSAI willingness to work with the indigenous industry to ensure compliant, marketable hemp food products.

The Hemp Cooperative will continue to work with FSAI to develop strong traceability standards that are enforceable under Irish food law.

These steps will ultimately protect the fledgling industry and provide the industry with a strong reputation for high quality products. 

The event is open to all members and we will accept new membership on the day. Voting rights for AGM will be restricted to members who joined the Cooperative prior to 5pm on the 4th of March.

Membership can be renewed through the hemp cooperative website

The Board of the Hemp Cooperative of Ireland.