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Standard Membership

100.00 / year

Becoming a member of the Hemp Cooperative of Ireland means you are joining the largest members organisation dedicated to the development of the Hemp Industry in Ireland. Membership provides a numbers of benefits including access to technical and agronomy advice.



Membership Benefits:

  1. The Cooperative works to ensure the best interests of the members as primary hemp producers.
  2. The Cooperative has strength in numbers to source best markets for Irish Hemp produce.
  3. The Cooperative lobbies on the behalf of its members at a National and European level.
  4. The Cooperative keeps members informed of developments in the industry through the website, social media and monthly newsletter.
  5. The Cooperative provides guidance and education on best practice in order to maintain the integrity of the Hemp products produced and sold under the badge of the Cooperative.

The Cooperative works strategical to develop the Hemp Industry along the 7 development pillars.

Please read our MEMBERSHIP RULES as you will need to agree to them to become a member.

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